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Movement dysfunction has become the new normal


people suffer from movement dysfunction globally


is spent annually on missed work days and MSK-related issues


of employers report MSK-related issues as their top medical spend

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Better Movement Health Starts Here

Help your audience move and feel better. movr is an evidence-based movement health solution for health and wellness platforms that adds value to your technology and improves the lives of your people.

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The status quo for physical care isn't working.

1 in 2 American adults suffer from MSK issues, but it doesn't have to be this way. movr is on a mission to improve movement and prevent dysfunction by making personalized movement health accessible for everyone.

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movr exercise programming cycle


Measurable movement improvement

movr puts intelligent exercise programming at your fingertips – our evidence-based technology makes it easy to improve individual movement health at scale.


Add movr to your platform in a way that works for you

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Run movr quietly in the background.

If your tech has an established look and feel, our API enables you to put movr's intelligence to work while your team stays in control of the end-to-end product experience.

Wondr Move product screenshot
Wondr Move product screen shot


Easy innovation

Add immediate value to your existing technology without the heavy lifting of building it yourself.

Simple integration

Put movr's intelligence and exercise library to work in your tech with just a few lines of code.

Intelligent exercise

Improve your users' movement health with evidence-based programming and a growing library of 300+ functional exercises.

Stay in control

Benefit from all of movr's intelligence while you stay in charge of the end-to-end product experience.

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Skip the dev work with our pre-built user flows.

All the benefits that movr has to offer without any of the heavy lifting. Plug into our SDK with its ready-to-use interface and customizable design features.


movr SDK product screenshots
movr sdk product screenshot
movr sdk product screenshot



Quickly add our pre-built designs and user flows to your platform with minimal dev work.

Consumer-grade UX

Simple and user friendly – our system is designed to be easy to use for any demographic.

Customizable features

Use your own font and colour styles to help movr blend seamlessly into your product.

Intelligent exercise

Improve your users' movement health with evidence-based programming and a growing library of 300+ functional exercises.

woman drinking water after exercising outdoors

Metabolic Health

Personalized exercise can reduce MSK pain and enable better movement. Help your user base develop sustainable movement habits that work for their body.

group of senior citizens exercising having fun

Active Aging

Offer low complexity, high value exercise experiences to measurably improve mobility and balance while reducing fall risk and day-to-day aches.

man receiving physical therapy treatment

Continued Care

Empower your clients to keep moving injury-free after surgery or rehabilitation programs, with personalized, evidence-based exercise programming.

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Mental Health

Exercise and movement are vital to mental health. Our personal approach to movement gives people a simple way to move and feel better every day.


Intelligent movement health for everybody

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Increased personalization means more engagement. Open up a new channel for revenue within your existing product experience.

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Innovation is expensive. Our evidence-based MSK solutions add value to your product with minimal time and cost investment

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Our tech and team adapts to your complex needs to get an effective solution up and running for you and your user base, fast. 

smiling woman looking at phone and exercising outdoors
Wondr Movr product mockup
How Wondr Health is improving movement health

Wondr Health wanted a solution to offer their program participants a flexibility, movement and strength program with personal recommendations for feeling better in their body each day. They chose movr because our simple, evidence-based methodology was a natural fit for their platform. 



Improve the health of your users and your organization all at once


Episode #10

Heather and Aaron discuss all things related to healthy behaviour change, including the importance of establishing lasting habits

Movement Health Matters Episode 10 Heather McKee


Out with the old, in with the new era of digital movement health

Personalized exercise for everybody

movr is a dynamic movement health solution for digital health and wellness providers. Add our technology right into your platform to give your user base the personalized instruction they need to move and feel better in their body.

Read the latest from movr


How to build a digital movement health program

how to create a movement health program

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The problem with modern exercise programming

movr SDK product screenshots

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Personal exercise prescriptions – the key to true movement health

woman exercising focused on lower back tension

4 min read

Frequently Asked Questions

  • movr integrates with behaviour change platforms, wellness providers, health insurers and other health and fitness technologies to offer its suite of movement health solutions within existing digital products. Our technology is as easy to integrate with as it is for your audience to use.

  • movr provides safe, evidence-based exercise programming that is tailored to every individual.

    1. With simple movement assessments, movr learns about how a person is currently moving.

    2. With that information, movr recommends exercise sessions as short as 5 minutes in duration.

    3. Every session is adapted specifically to help you build mobility, strength and endurance at a level that's right for each individual.

  • We provide effective, meaningful content before a single assessment is completed. As the user completes assessments, the content will become more and more personalized. movr’s exercise recommendations for an individual change every time an assessment is updated.

  • It varies depending on the type of integration. Our SDK can typically be up and running in your platform with 4-8 hours of development time.


    To integrate with our API, typically it takes a partner six weeks of dev work to implement the basic aspects of our system.

  • Yes, we have swagger docs available upon request.

  • The only data we store is a user's submitted assessment values. This is linked to a user-ID generated and submitted by our partners. Depending on how these IDs are generated, our system can work with data that has been completely anonymized.

Dr. Tim Church, Wondr Health

movr is easy to access and understand. This is how we get the masses exposed to proper movement health, and ultimately moving and feeling better.

Dr. Tim Church

Chief Medical Officer

Wondr Health logo
young man looking at phone smiling after workout

Help people move & feel better.

Add real value to your technology that improves the health of your business and the people you serve.

Dynamic Solutions
Easy Integration
movr founder Aaron de Jong

The key to helping people move more intelligently – to measurably improving their physical health in a way that aligns with their real-world priorities and challenges – lies in understanding that movement health solutions are unique to every individual.

At movr, we're dedicated to innovating in the industry with intelligent assessments and curation that can truly personalize exercise for everyone.

Aaron de Jong   |  Founder & CEO


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