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Dr. Tom Waller


Dr. Tom Waller

In a discussion equal parts philosophy and practical advice, Tom talks with Aaron about all things fitness, health and movement.


In this episode of Movement Health Matters, we talk with Dr. Tom Waller, the Senior Vice President of Innovation at adidas. 

Previous to his leadership role with the global apparel leader, Tom was the Chief Science Officer at lululemon, and a client of Aaron’s at his Vancouver-based movement training studio. Tom was a major reason behind Aaron taking his movement training principles and bringing them into an app (movr the app). Equal parts scientist, engineer and designer, Tom has ran innovation at two of the most renowned athletic brands on the planet.

In his current position, Tom leads a rare and diverse group of multi-disciplinary scientists, technologists and creatives and he is the originator of the innovation methodology known as the ‘human experience of performance.’ This has infiltrated all aspects of the sports, well-being, health and fitness brands, blending sensory experience and human achievement. Tom is curious, innovative, and passionate about human movement - a self-descirbed ‘inquisitive nerd,’ he loves to explore the human potential for performance through research and his own experience with health and movement.

Tom and Aaron explore movement and movement health at all levels, asking deep questions and connecting the sports and apparel space to solving for what the world actually needs. Tom explains his definition of movement health, and goes into details on what we calls the brilliant basics: sleep, diet, exercise and movement.

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • How to reach out and network with Tom (and in general)

  • What Tom is excited about in the next 5-10 years in the sports apparel and technology space

  • The three pillars of life and the brilliant basics of health

  • How sport can be used to unlock the potential of humans and help them achieve their goals

  • How can we use movement and yoga to help connect the mind and body and help people understand their own physical and emotional responses

  • What are the differences between quick fixes and long-term solutions, and how can we help people navigate the difference in order to achieve their desired results?

  • The differences and similarities between innovation at adidas and lululemon

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