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PJ Nestler


PJ Nestler

Aaron and PJ talk about the common threads of training people from all walks of life and why so many fitness technologies miss the mark.


In this episode of Movement Health Matters, we talk with PJ Nestler, the Vice President of Performance at FitLab and Director of Performance at XPT Life.

PJ is a human performance specialist with over 13 years of experience preparing top athletes from the UFC, NFL, and NHL for competition. Outside of training top athletes, PJ is devoted to education, sharing his knowledge and experience with the purpose of elevating the fitness profession. In his role as Director of Performance for XPT, PJ's focus entails researching & developing educational curriculums around XPT’s Breathe-Move-Recover pillars and teaching certification programs for health & fitness professionals around the world.

In this interview, Aaron and PJ take a step back and look at the high-performance industry, the differences and similarities between training elite athletes and regular people, and why so many fitness technologies keep missing the mark on helping improve movement and MSK issues at scale.

Join us as we talk all things performance and movement with PJ Nestler.

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • An overview of FitLab and XPT Life

  • PJ’s journey in the fitness and performance industry, with some important lessons and takeaways for young trainers

  • How training professional athletes and regular people are both similar and different

  • Why movement is a great foundational part to start with people new to fitness and exercise

  • What a movement assessment can look like in a high-performance setting

  • PJ’s opinion on fitness technologies over the past 5-10 years

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