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Partnering to scale personalized movement health and fitness

movr’s personalized exercise prescriptions are now compatible with XTRA’s computer vision technology.

Building better tools for movement health

Easy capture

With XTRA's computer vision technology, any device with a camera can be used to passively capture your movement within a session.

Better movement

movr’s recommendation engine takes this movement data and processes it into actionable movement health and exercise insights.

Personalized Insights

Together, our complementary technologies offer dynamic movement health recommendations to help every individual improve how they move and feel.

We're working together to make exercise more personalized, engaging and impactful for everyone.

Fitness Technology

Get the highest level of personalization in each workout. XTRA monitors your every move and captures body motion data.


movr uses this data to understand your current movement capabilities and suggests appropriate and effective exercises.

Health & Wellness

Perform a 360-degree body assessment. Let us analyze your movement and guide you in real time.


movr prescribes the right exercises to help you move better in your body.

Aaron de Jong

Founder & CEO, movr

XTRA are computer vision experts and we are movement experts. This collaboration promotes the opportunity to personalize exercise – make it more fun and engaging, and actually better for you. Providing better user journeys and associated health outcomes is the shakeup our industry needs, and this partnership provides that.

Pierangelo Raiola

Co-founder & CEO, XTRA

Like movr, we strongly believe that it is not so much about “moving more” but about “moving more intelligently.” We were immediately convinced of the powerful synergy of our two solutions. This is an outstanding partnership with the ultimate goal to make people move and feel better. I am confident we will do it.

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