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Movement Health for Active Aging

movr offers simple and appropriate movement health recommendations to help your audience improve their balance, mobility and strength.



Seniors need simple solutions to improve balance, reduce falls and improve quality of life


falls occur each year that are severe enough to require medical attention


of older adults experience persistent musculoskeletal (MSK) pain


of older adults state they wish to maintain independence and age in place

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Simple, user-friendly movement experiences to improve quality of life

We work with behavior change platforms, wellness providers, health insurers and other health technologies to provide personalized movement exercises specific to the individual. movr is a simple, effective way to help older audiences maintain good health and reduce risk of injury by improving balance, mobility and strength.


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A personalized, healthy approach for everybody

Meet your people where they are with simple movement health assessments, exercise prescriptions and a library of the most impactful exercises to improve balance, mobility, and quality of life for aging populations.


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woman exercising focused on lower back tension

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Help people move & feel better.

Add real value to your technology that improves the health of your business and the people you serve.

Dynamic Solutions
Easy Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Engaging in balanced exercise benefits aging populations by improving strength, flexibility, and balance, which reduces the risk of falls and injuries. Regular exercise also promotes cognitive function, enhances mood, and helps maintain a healthy weight, contributing to overall well-being and a higher quality of life in older individuals.

  • Bodyweight exercises are particularly beneficial for older demographics as they offer a safe and effective way to improve strength, balance, and flexibility without the need for external equipment. Many activities – like squats, planks and lunges – can be customized to individual abilities, making them accessible and empowering for seniors seeking to enhance their overall fitness and functional independence.

  • movr provides safe, evidence-based exercise programming that is tailored to every individual. 

    1. With simple movement assessments, movr learns about how a person is currently moving.

    2. With that information, movr recommends exercise sessions as short as 5 minutes in duration.

    3. Every session is adapted specifically to help build mobility, strength and endurance at a level that's right for each individual.

  • movr integrates with behaviour change platforms, wellness providers, health insurers and leading technologies to offer its suite of movement health solutions within existing digital products. Our technology is as easy to integrate with as it is for your audience to use.

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