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Unbundling the movr app for the SaaS market

We took the best parts of movr app's technology and created 3 stand-alone SaaS products designed to help organizations of all kind bring better movement health to their communities.

Active partnerships

We're launching partnerships across different demographics in population health and fitness technology communities.


80,000 assessments

We reached a milestone of over 80,000 individual assessments being completed in the movr app.


UBC study

A study through the University of British Columbia examined the impact of our mobile app on functional movement and physical fitness.

movr app officially launched

After careful consideration, we gave our brand an updated look and feel to promote an approach to movement health that felt more accessible and fun.


Soon after we launched in the App Store and Google Play. 

Support from lululemon

With backing from lululemon, our small team grew a little bigger.



Usability testing

We ran a 4-week test group with over 100 participants who used our technology to improve their movement and measure their progress.

We developed an MVP

We proved that our remote-based assessment and prescription technology really worked.

Meanwhile, Aaron met Tom Waller, former Chief Science Officer at lululemon, who provided mentorship and support.

Building our initial tech

Sparks flew when co-founders Aaron and Brendan met to discuss how Movement108's assessment and personalization method could be scaled with new technology.

Soon they formed a small team that grew an initial concept for the original movr app.


Movement 108 Opens

Before becoming a tech company, we ran a successful training studio based on the same principles that form the foundation of our technology – functional movement training personalized to the needs of every person.

Our path to improving movement health.

We've come a long way since starting out in-studio in Vancouver, BC. Today, as we continue evolving to offer new solutions and address different markets, we're more focused than ever on our original goal – helping people measurably move and feel better every day. 


Movement Health for Everybody and Every Body

We think everyone deserves access to exercises that address real-life needs and goals. We're on a mission to help people move and feel better in their bodies by making personalized movement health more accessible for everyone.

Playing in the Sunset

2023 and beyond

We're excited to explore and grow into new partnerships as we continue automating, personalizing and moving MSK health forward at scale.

Our Creative Founders.

From their first meeting in a coffee shop scribbling down ideas on a napkin to paving the way for a small start-up team to tackle big goals, our founding team's complimentary skillset has been apparent from the start. 

Founder & CEO

Aaron de Jong

Aaron's background in physical education, personal training and corrective exercises led him to open his own studio in Vancouver, BC. Not long after, he founded movr to help bring his movement health methodology to a bigger audience.

Co-founder & CTO

Brendan Eamer

A software developer with a passion for innovation and experience building his own fitness-related technology companies , Brendan programmed Aaron's expertise into the powerful digital language that makes movr what it is today.


We measurably improve how people move.


movr drives movement health improvements through personalized assessments, exercise prescriptions and insights.

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Help people move & feel better.

Add real value to your technology that improves the health of your business and the people you serve.

Dynamic Solutions
Easy Integration
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