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The impact of movr's assessment and recommendation system on movement health

Examining the learnings from over 100,000 movement assessments, engagement data and clinical research.


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Help people move & feel better.

Add real value to your technology that improves the health of your business and the people you serve.

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Clinical Research

A research team of exercise scientists from the University of British Columbia examined the influence of our assessment and prescription technology – as demonstrated in the movr app – on functional movement and physical fitness.

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To examine the real-world impact of the [technlogy deployed in the] movr app on functional movement, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness.



A total of 48 healthy adults (24 women and 24 men) completed an 8-week pilot pragmatic randomized controlled trial in which they were randomly assigned to either 8-week use of the movr app (n=24) or 8-week waitlist control (n=24).

Measures of functional movement (Functional Movement Screen [FMS]), strength (push-ups, handgrip strength, and countermovement jump), flexibility (shoulder flexibility, sit and reach, active straight leg raise [ASLR], and half-kneeling dorsiflexion), and cardiovascular fitness (maximal oxygen uptake) were collected at baseline and the 8-week follow-up.



The findings revealed that movr improved indices of functional movement (FMS), flexibility (shoulder, ASLR, and dorsiflexion), and muscular endurance (push-ups) over an 8-week period with an average of 29 minutes per week compared with the control group while maintaining handgrip strength, lower body power (countermovement jump), and cardiovascular fitness (VO2 max). 

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Movement Health improvement in less than 5 minutes a day.

With 29 minutes per week (less than 5-minutes a day) over an 8-week period, movr's system for assessing and prescribing personalized exercise measurably impacts movement health by improving functional movement, muscular endurance and flexibility.



The movr app was the first in-market product featuring our self-assessment capabilities and automated movement health recommendations.

A Movement Health Pilot Project in the B2C Market

In June 2019, the movr app was released for public use in the App Store and Google Play.

Built with proprietary movement health technology, the movr app was proof of concept for automating personalized exercise recommendations to individual users based on in-app movement assessments.

Release in Market


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Clinical Research


clinical research

The University of British Columbia (UBC) examined the impact of the movr app on functional movement and physical fitness. The study found that the movr assessment and recommendation system successfully improved movement health outcomes.


The clinical trial study was published in 2021.

Engagement Metrics


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Since release, the movr app has facilitated over 100,000 individual movement assessments for people all over the world.


Re-assessing movement health and interacting with personalized recommendations has been connected to significantly higher engagement when compared to those who self-select exercise based on personal preference.

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Designed to help everyday individuals move and feel better.

Engagement Outcomes

Since its release, thousands of digital assessments have been completed using movr. A subset of this user base was analyzed to understand how using our assessment technology was connected to user engagement.


Users were segmented based on whether they re-visited at least one movement assessment or did not re-assess after onboarding.




The number of digital assessments conducted using our movement assessment technology in the movr app.



The subset of app users analyzed who had performed at least one assessment and completed 5 or more workouts within the movr app.


33 days

The average number of additional days users who revisited their assessments remained engaged with the product vs. those who never re-assessed.



Users who re-visited their assessments at least once completed nearly 15x the number of recovery-based workouts vs. those who never re-assessed.



This same user group completed an average of 3x more strength and endurance-based workouts than those who never re-assessed. 

Very motivating and impactful

"I have used this app since the beginning and find its dynamic builder and numerous minis to be extremely beneficial and impactful. I can flexibility focus on activities based on time, activity and equipment or work through the assessments to identify areas where I will benefit from more mobility work. The ability to squeeze in short workouts based on free time and can optionally stack multiples of them has kept this app in rotation after all of these years."

Earl H.

App Store Review

Effective feel good creative mobility platform

"Love this app. I have been using off and on for over a year and it has been my go to for fixing aches and pains that my movement (or lack of) has caused. When my wife and I had our second kid, I developed painful tight shoulder blades from holding baby so much, I was doing massage and acupuncture and it didn't help much. After remembering movr and doing the exercises it prescribed (t-spine rotation) my back was better in less than 24 hours. I highly recommend this for anyone who needs a little advice on optimizing their body to feel good!"

Bruce W.

App Store Review

Personalized to perfection

"I've used many apps that say they're personalized but all you get is a cookie cutter workout. Not movr because you're constantly performing assessments to review progress. After each assessment movr differentiates your routine. The 5 minute builders make it easy to conduct many routines throughout the day to keep you constantly moving. Definitely worth 5 stars!"


App Store Review

Great way to create a new healthy habit

"I've been using movr for about 2 months, simply doing a 5 minute stretching routine every day. I am seeing the benefits. The app provides a test every five sessions and adjusts my stretching routine depending on the results. It's been so easy it is now part of my daily morning routine."


App Store Review

movr has got me moving!

"I like the ability to check your progress by going through the flexibility assessment whenever you want. The [short sessions] give you options for when you only have a few minutes and the Builder [feature] is awesome for when you have more time. Everything is focused on exercise appropriate for you and takes into account where you are in your journey and what equipment you have available."

Kevin B.

Google Play Review

Exactly what I want

"Regular assessments to tailor the experience, clear gamified focus in the form of attainable goals, and custom-built workouts, along with plenty of options for customization along the way, take all the guesswork out of improving my mobility, strength and general well-being. Well done!"

Matt B.

Google Play Review


"movr walks you through an assessment then gives you a mini routine of about 4 moves to target a tight area. Let me tell you guys. I have had pain in my right shoulder blade for two months. I did the builder for upper body today and my shoulder blade is fixed. I am so impressed with this app."

Aidan D.

Google Play Review

What this means

Those who engage with self assessments are more likely to re-engage at a deeper and more valuable level than those who select activities not connected to personalized assessments.

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movr's impact on individual and organizational health

Understand your audience

movr enables the collection of assessment data at scale to learn from users about their needs.

Improve movement

movr's system provides functional exercise tailored to improve how individuals move and feel.

Increase engagement

movr adds value to platforms by keeping people meaningfully engaged for longer.

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