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Help people move & feel better.

Add real value to your technology that improves the health of your business and the people you serve.

Dynamic Solutions
Easy Integration

Introducing Wondr Move

Wondr Health integrated movr's API to facilitate the launch of movement content within their Wondr program.

The Challenge

MSK conditions, costs and awareness are on the rise, but effective solutions to the growing problem have been hard to come by.


Wondr Health clients see musculoskeletal (MSK) issues as a top health concern, but only 2/10 offer a solution to their population.

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U.S. adults suffer from an MSK condition.


of U.S. employers state MSK-related conditions as their top medical spend.


of all healthcare costs among high-income nations will soon be spent on treating illnesses from physical inactivity.

Learn more about the benefit that movr has had on Wondr Health, its programs, and the people it serves.

movr x Wondr

Wondr Health is the proven leader in metabolic, emotional and physical health transformation for everyone through behavior change.

They partner with health plans and employers to deliver interrelated, personalized skill-building programs for weight management, obesity, nutrition, stress relief, anxiety and movement.

Their flexible and scalable digital solutions engage populations, improve quality of life and health outcomes, and prevent and reduce the cost of chronic health conditions. 

How Wondr Health Works


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Born in the benefits space, Wondr Health leverages over 15 years of behavior change experience and partnerships with 1,000+ employers and 80+ health plans to improve the lives of 10+ million people... and counting.

Who Wondr Health Serves


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Launch Overview


elderly couple moving and having fun

Q1 2023


Metabolic Health & Wellness


Hundreds of thousands per year



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Examining the Impact of a Mobile Health App on Functional Movement & Physical Fitness

movr was found to increase functional movement, flexibility and muscular endurance.

An average of 29 minutes per week improved functional movement and most measures of flexibility.

Why movr?

movr democratizes movement health, providing evidence-based, personalized MSK health for the general population. 

"There's nothing that's been shown to impact quality of life more than one thing. If you move, you maintain the machine longer. The brain, the kidneys, the heart, the muscles, the nerves, everything. So when you think about aging and living the life you want to lead, there's no magic medication. But there is movement.”

On movement health

Dr. Tim Church

Chief Medical Officer

"movr gives us an opportunity to further personalize the experience for participants, and motivate them to engage with our programs on a daily basis. It is a really approachable way for everyone to move more and feel the difference, and we're encouraged by how well it complements our metabolic health programs."

On platform scalability

Julie Goldman

Chief Marketing Officer

"The movr technology was very easy to integrate and the team have been great to work with. We are excited to continue to refine the personalized movement and exercise experience we offer to participants. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive in terms of movr being simple, effective and enjoyable."

On next steps together

Jeff Serrano

SVP, Product

From Wondr Health's Leadership Team

Outcomes to date

Through the first five months of the movr integration in the Wondr program, over 55,000 participants have engaged with movr’s movement health assessment + recommendation system.

Wondr Health recently launched their Wondr Advanced program, which helps people with obesity lose weight through behavior change, including movement and exercise, and weight-loss medications if clinically indicated.

movr integration phone screens

How Wondr Health is Improving Movement Health

Wondr Health wanted to expand the capabilities and content in their metabolic health solution, and offer participants a flexibility, movement and strength program with personalized recommendations for daily improvements.


They chose movr because our simple, evidence-based methodology was a natural fit for their weight management and obesity management programs.


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Wondr Participant Feedback

"The exercises are demonstrated and explained well. Easy to follow.

Easy to pick exercise to fit needs and time."

Wondr Participant

"Customized for how I feel and my level of ability. Love the videos showing what to do. Instructions are very clear."

Wondr Participant

"I love how it shows how to do the exercises and the guidance around breath."

Wondr Participant

"Just did [a session] and loved it — great to have this resource to get some quick exercise breaks at my desk (well, on the floor in front of it)!"

Wondr Participant

"It improves your mental health and your mood. The questions about me before and after makes me reflect on how I feel."

Wondr Participant

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