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Why are personal movement prescriptions important?

The right exercise, for the right person, at the right time can create a life-changing physical experience. Discovering the specific root cause of a movement limitation and prescribing the exercise that unlocks better feel and function can improve all movement experiences for that individual.


Prescribe enables the real-time delivery of personalized corrective exercises and programming that until now has required in-person coaching. It's a technology we have spent years refining – enabling exercise prescriptions catered for every individual, built within a digital "plug-and-play" style solution.


Our automated exercise prescription technology that recommends movements to measurably improve movement health.

Smart prescriptions 

Prescribe gathers motion data from any source to deploy evidence-based protocols that improve movement health for every individual.

Extensive library

A growing library of 300+ corrective and performance-based exercises that drive proven movement health solutions.

Easy to integrate

Have your own exercise library? Prescribe can map to your existing content so you can better serve your audience without any heavy lifting.

Offer your members more – without the added effort

Ready to connect?

Let us show you how our prescription technology can help your organization reach its movement health goals. 

“The technology behind Prescribe combines the best assessment-based methodology and the experience of thousands of in-person client sessions with a scalable and individualized prescription element delivered digitally. 

At a time when individuals, companies, and technologies are realizing that step and rep isn't enough, Prescribe is a proven, evidence-based solution for measurably improving movement health for everyone."

Aaron de Jong
Founder & CEO

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What people love about Prescribe

movr is best-in-class at providing customized protocols that improve movement. Our partnership allows us to focus on our core offering: providing an objective, automated and high throughput movement screen. With movr's evidence-based exercises to improve movement, we can now offer the market a comprehensive solution to identify and correct poor movement patterns.

Andrew Menter

CEO of Physmodo

When you realize that sweat is no longer the most valuable currency, where do you go? More is not better, better is better. The movr team is intelligently pushing fitness forward!

Tom Waller

SVP of Innovation, Adidas

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