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What gets measured, gets improved

In environments where movement health matters, movr Analyze highlights who needs attention, why, and what to do about it.


Personalized data insights empower people to see improvement and connect that positive change to their movement health activity.


Track movement health as a KPI with our simple reporting dashboard technology for personalized insights that make a meaningful difference.

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Let us show you how our analytics dashboard can help your organization reach its movement health goals. 

What we love about Analyze

General solutions solve general problems. Specific solutions solve specific problems. 

Analyze is a specific solution that is powerful in its simplicity. Where existing technologies assess and report data, Analyze goes a step further to provide personalized insights that measurably improve movement health and how it can be monitored.

Aaron de Jong

Founder & CEO

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Meaningful insights

Track movement trends and segment groups of individuals based on different factors that matter to your organization.

Enhance your offering

Highlight the root cause of a person’s movement limitation, delivered through an easy-to-understand reporting functionality.

Help where it's needed

Understand people's needs and drive change by focusing on those who need the most help. Show them what to do and why it matters.

A simple solution that drives powerful change

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