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Assess and understand what your users really need.

Our movement health assessment technology enables you to understand what your people need, so you can provide solutions that really work.

What we love about Assess

With Assess, we're bringing our evidence-based approach to new specific areas of the industry. Assess helps our partners pull any type of assessment data into their own platform, driving individualized prescriptions and insights and – ultimately – measurably improving movement health outcomes.

Aaron de Jong

Founder & CEO

Assessment Agnostic

Connect with any type of assessment and access a library of prescriptive, evidence-based movements.

Easy Integration

Use our API to seamlessly integrate with your existing exercise library or plug in our SDK to add dynamic content right into your platform.

Ready to Scale

Collect data from computer vision, self-assessments and surveys to better understand and cater to your members.

Level up your assessments – no heavy lifting required.

See for yourself.

Learn how our assessment engine can help your organization and its people move toward better movement health for everyone.

Run Assess quietly in the background.

If your tech has an established look and feel, our API enables you to put Assess' intelligence to work while your team stays in control of the end-to-end product experience.

Skip the dev work with our pre-built user flows.

All the benefits that movr has to offer without any of the heavy lifting.

Plug into our SDK with its ready-to-use interface and customizable design features.

Why assess movement?

Movement assessments are a great way to measure how different areas of the body and are moving in relation to one another. This enables us to better understand why dysfunction may exist – and how to fix it.

Every assessment contributes to an overall picture of movement health. The more information we have, the more accurately we can understand the needs of any given individual and recommend the right exercises for them.

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