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Episode 1

Aaron and Tim talk about changing the health of individuals, organizations and the world around us with lifelong skills and tools.

Dr. Tim Church,
Wondr Health


Episode 2

Aaron and PJ talk about the common threads of training people from all walks of life and why so many fitness technologies miss the mark.

PJ Nestler, Fitlab & XPT Life


Episode 3

Aaron and Joe discuss MSK problems, how pain has become normalized, and the opportunities for movement health to solve general population problems.

Joe Vennare, Fitt Insider


Episode 4

Courtenay and Aaron discuss the pillars of scaling wellness solutions and examine how we may define wellbeing beyond the gym in the coming years.

Courtenay Higgins, Advanta Health


Episode 5

Ben and Aaron talk about the keys to a successful movement health practice – including consistency, community and mindset.

Ben Kenyon, Philadelphia 76ers
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Movement Health Matters

movr founder and CEO Aaron de Jong hosts a limited series of interviews with experts, leaders and pioneers in the emerging field of Movement Health. 

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