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Episode 1

Aaron and Tim talk about changing the health of individuals, organizations and the world around us with lifelong skills and tools.

Dr. Tim Church,
Wondr Health


Episode 2

Aaron and PJ talk about the common threads of training people from all walks of life and why so many fitness technologies miss the mark.

PJ Nestler, Fitlab & XPT Life


Episode 3

Aaron and Joe discuss MSK problems, how pain has become normalized, and the opportunities for movement health to solve general population problems.

Joe Vennare, Fitt Insider


Episode 4

Courtenay and Aaron discuss the pillars of scaling wellness solutions and examine how we may define wellbeing beyond the gym in the coming years.

Courtenay Higgins, Advanta Health


Episode 5

Ben and Aaron talk about the keys to a successful movement health practice – including consistency, community and mindset.

Ben Kenyon, Philadelphia 76ers


Episode 6

In a discussion equal parts philosophy and practical advice, Tom talks with Aaron about all things fitness, health and movement.

Dr. Tom Waller,


Episode 7

Silvia and Aaron discuss the importance of defining movement health on an individual level and Silvia shares her wisdom on muscle analysis.

Dr. Silvia Blemker, Springbok Analytics


Episode 8

Aaron and Niranjan (AKA "Tex") discuss wide-ranging topics from diet and nutrition to health and longevity and the long-term effects of the pandemic.

Dr. Niranjan Kissoon, Global Sepsis Alliance


Episode 9

Duncan and Aaron discuss how to build movement quality in all people and the importance of making exercise enjoyable and fun.

Dr. Duncan French, UFC


Episode 10

Heather and Aaron discuss all things related to healthy behaviour change, including the importance of establishing lasting habits.

Dr. Heather McKee

Movement Health Matters

movr founder and CEO Aaron de Jong hosts a limited series of interviews with experts, leaders and pioneers in the emerging field of Movement Health. 

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Help people move & feel better.

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