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Dr. Duncan French


Dr. Duncan French

Duncan and Aaron discuss how to build movement quality in all people and the importance of making exercise enjoyable and fun.


In this episode of Movement Health Matters, we talk with Dr. Duncan French, Ph.D., the Vice President of Performance at the UFC Performance Institute and a world-class performance specialist. 

Dr. French shares his wisdom on high performance training, building movement quality in all people, and the importance of making exercise enjoyable and fun.

Dr. French is a sports performance expert with decades of experience leading world-class athletes and programs across the globe. With the UFC, his goal is to create the world’s best high performance service for the most demanding sport in the world (mixed martial arts). He has also worked in the Premier League, with Olympic programs, in the NCAA, and across many other sports, including boxing and basketball. Dr. French’s mission is to apply science at the “cutting edge of the spear,” blending his impressive academic portfolio with real-world experience in sports performance.

Simply put, there are not many people better-equipped to discuss movement health than Dr. French, and we were priviledged to host him on Movement Health Matters.

What you'll learn this episode:

  • How Dr. French thinks like a scientist and applies the science in real-world situations with real-world athletes

  • Why working with children informed him on the importance of fun and gamification in training for all people

  • What excites him in fitness, and health technology looking ahead

  • Why wearable data can provide helpful information for decision-making

  • Why being “robust and ready” is a core tenet of Dr. French’s training philosophy

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