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Optimity Unlocks Personalized, Interactive Movement Programs with movr

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Our latest integration with digital health platform Optimity was announced last week. Read more about Optimity, what they were looking for, and why movr was the movement solution that ticked all their boxes.


Optimity integration with movr

Partnering with Optimity

Last week we announced our latest integration with digital health platform Optimity and received some notable press across different media outlets including Business Insider, Fitt Insider and the Associated Press.

Announcements are always exciting, but understanding the value in the partnership comes from unpacking the nature of the integration, why movement health is important, and who actually benefits from offering musculoskeletal (MSK) assessments and personalized movement training to Optimity members.

Let's dive in.

What is Optimity?

Optimity is a digital health app focused on incremental behavior change – nudging and rewarding individuals for moving, learning, or changing unhealthy habits. Engaging with their content unlocks rewards that convert to cash prizes or credits that can be redeemed with leading retail products. You can get a taste of Optimity simply by downloading their app and signing up for an account.

The company’s wellness solutions are developed by leading technologists, health and medical researchers, wealth experts and advisory firms, and backed by more than 30 years of behavioral science research.

Why did Optimity choose movr?

Optimity is committed to helping each of their over 3 million members optimize their health in a deeply personalized way. When Opimity started to explore offering meaningful exercise content, they knew they would either need to develop a solution in-house OR integrate with a scalable technology to personalize exercise for their dynamic membership base.

With an established brand identity and user interface, an integrated solution would need to be simple and easy to work with, all the while looking and feeling like a native part of their existing user experience.

With movr, they discovered a ready-made, measurable solution that ticked all their boxes. Optimity decided to integrate movr's SDK (software development kit) to facilitate the launch of a prevention-based MSK tool for their members quickly and efficiently.

Integrating movr's SDK into their platform gives Optimity a simple, evidence-based solution for assessing MSK changes over time and providing personalized exercise recommendations to help mitigate preventable downstream movement dysfunction for their users.

Optimity x movr phone screens

Next steps with Optimity

Optimity successfully launched their movr integration – without any disruption to the user experience in their pre-existing digital product – after just one month of collaboration with our integration team.

In the months to come, movr will be helping Optimity monitor the data that stems from the integration to make impactful inferences about the needs and wants of their user-base, such as:

  • area-specific movement limitations

  • tightness and/or discomfort

  • most popular exercise selections

These data points, in conjunction with the movement assessment data we collect, are a big part of what enables movr – and, by extension, our partners – to offer personalized, effective recommendations that help every individual move and feel better in their body.

As Jane J. Wang, CEO of Optimity, put it:

"Our enhancements with movr allow us to deliver personalized programs for MSK and stability assessments to millions of people, with the goal of prevention and improved life outcomes. It was a no-brainer."

The launch of any new integration is just the beginning.

Optimity is built to white label customized products for enterprise-sized insurers and large employer populations. Now, with an added prevention-based MSK solution that fits within their incentivization platform, they are further bolstered in their ability to provide a scalable, holistic health solution for the masses.

If you think prevention-based MSK solutions would be a fit in your digital health platform, you can find more information on movr’s integration process by contacting us here.


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movr is designed with simplicity in mind, built for the general population and people with lower physical literacy. Our approach to intelligent exercise dynamically adapts movement and strength prescriptions throughout a person's exercise journey.

We work with leaders in digital health by integrating third-party exercise solutions into your platform. Our research-backed approach has been validated through 350,000+ movement assessments and personalized exercise recommendations to date.

Interested in learning more? Reach out here.


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