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Welcoming new investors and movement health tech leaders

movr has recently been selected into the Mercury Seed summer cohort and received new investment from 3 leaders in movement health tech.


movr movement health tech

New partnerships bring continued learning and growth in movement health tech

It's been an exciting few months for me and the movr team. Since the start of the year, we've successfully launched several new integrations and seen tens of thousands of people experience our personalized movement health solution inside our partner platforms.

Since conception, we’ve evolved rapidly from a direct-to-consumer application into our current B2B SaaS product. It’s been a ride full of challenges and surprises, but we are encouraged by our continual cycle of testing, learning and iterating.

Our successful implementations to date come on the heels of having worked hard – internally and with our partners – to build product experiences designed to help people move better and live healthier lives. These partnerships are exciting to announce, but the work is really just beginning. We’re watching the data to help showcase how movr is increasing engagement, reducing pain, and improving business outcomes for our partners.

To support our continued learning and growth, I’ve been raising additional capital through a SAFE note. In the year ahead, we'll be expanding our partnership efforts, adding to our engineering team, and bolstering our research resources.

Recently, we were accepted into the Mercury Raise Seed cohort as one of 50 digital health companies chosen from over 3000 applicants. Mercury helps seed-stage startups secure funding by getting them in front of top angels and VCs. It’s providing us with a new network of over 800 potential investors to help us pressure-test and refine our materials and positioning.

In addition to the Mercury Seed cohort, we’ve recently accepted investment from a few established entrepreneurs, investors, and strategic partners. I’m tremendously humbled by this group and excited to bring their diverse expertise into the fold at movr.

Meet our new investors

Mark Kennedy, Co-Founder of None to Run

Mark Kennedy Co-Founder of None to Run

Mark is the Co-Founder of None to Run, a leading running app that helps tens of thousands of aspiring runners go from 0 to 25 minutes of continuous running.

Mark’s support as a fellow founder and someone who has built a platform for individuals who benefit the most from physical activity guidance perfectly fits with movr’s mission of bringing personalized movement to market.

“As the founder of None to Run, I've witnessed the challenges posed by injuries and movement issues, often hindering consistent exercise habits. This experience drives my passion for accessible solutions that promote safe and effective movement and health,” he said. “movr embodies this solution, seamlessly blending technology and wellness to pioneer a new fitness paradigm. They're not just facilitating fitness; they're revolutionizing our approach to wellness. Their elegant platform, scalability, and data-driven approach convinced me of movr's potential and inspired my investment.”

Mark Kennedy, Co-Founder of None to Run

Dan Giuliani, Co-Founder of Volt Athletics

Dan Giuliani Co-Founder of Volt Athletics

We have gotten to know Dan well over the past few years and have long been inspired by what he’s done to build Volt Athletics.

Just like movr, Volt is a platform that is taking evidence-based, personalized health to scale. Dan’s participation showcases our shared vision for this industry, namely around personalization and impact.

“I strongly believe that better movement leads to better health and better lives. I have dedicated my career to building and supporting technology solutions that democratize access to personalized health, fitness, and performance guidance. And now I'm thrilled to be joining movr's effort to bring better movement health for every body,” he said. “By leveraging Movr's SDK and API, any health company can now easily integrate a proven movement health solution into its platform. As I

think about the future of human wellness and performance, it's critical that movement quality is accurately measured at scale with practical and personalized behavioral interventions.”

Dan Giuliani, Co-Founder of Volt Athletics

The SageHouse

Jim Crowell Co-Founder of SageHouse

The SageHouse invests with purpose, working with early-stage health and fitness companies to go farther, faster. We are excited to work with them and bring movr to new markets as we scale into a leading movement health solution.

“I have looked at thousands of fitness and wellness companies and customer experiences. movr’s incredibly simple movement assessment and movement support system is something all fitness experiences must have. Whether it’s a gym, a corporate wellness platform, an insurance player, or a personal trainer delivering a personalized program to somebody, movr adds in a powerful point of comfort to customers, coaches, business, and brands’ experiences. It should be everywhere. We immediately noticed that Aaron and the movr team have been testing this technology in the field. They don’t just hope it works, they were experts in movement before they began building it, and they subsequently studied and iterated on their assumptions. We deemed their technology much more derisked than other technologies that we look at at this stage.”

Jim Crowell, Co-Founder and Managing Member at SageHouse

Moving movement health forward

The road to building a successful startup is a challenge for any founder and team. We feel fortunate to have continued guidance from an incredible community of advisors and investors who are aligned with our goals. From helping us with strategic advisory, introductions, feedback on marketing and fundraising materials, and some with follow-on investment, their value has been truly priceless.

As our company and its team continues to evolve, we feel more confident than ever that we’re building momentum in our mission of helping the world move better.

If you are interested in learning more about movr or the current financing, drop me a direct line here.


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movr is an assessment-based movement health technology company. Our goal is to help measurably improve musculoskeletal health with innovative technology solutions within an ever-changing health space.

Interested in learning more? Reach out here.


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