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A quick reflection on this year's HLTH conference

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

HLTH (health) is the leading platform bringing together the entire health ecosystem, focused on health innovation and transformation. Here's what I learned at this year's event.


HLTH 2022 Conference

Here's what I noticed a HLTH 2022 – healthcare's #1 innovation event.

Recently, I was down in Las Vegas representing movr at the HLTH Conference. I attended to gain more insight into where we fit in – what opportunities are out there, and how different segments of the health market operate.

The types of conference attendees covered the full spectrum of health related services. On one end were companies focused on mental health, fitness and weight loss. On the other were those trying to innovate and scale various areas of the continuum of care – helping prevent people from getting sick, helping people when they do get sick, and helping people after they receive the right kind of care.

My biggest takeaways from HLTH were the themes I kept hearing be repeated in booths, panel discussions and keynote addresses throughout the conference:

  • 125 million Americans are obese

  • Over half of Americans experience MSK dysfunction/pain

  • 70% of hospitalizations are from non-congenital (preventable) disorders

It was wide open for discussion that the existing model is built and funded to serve people after they get sick. This is a big problem.

Some of the larger health companies on the consumer side, such as Headspace and Noom, are experiencing success because they take a behavior modification approach – meeting consumers where they are to help address and prevent problems (stress related issues and weight loss, respectively) from getting worse. Both companies produce personalized content, talk openly about the importance of behavior change, and aim specifically at increasing compliance and improving measurable health outcomes.

They are not technology companies for the sake of technology. And this is how we have always viewed ourselves at movr, whether we are working with individuals or our partners across health, tactical and fitness. Our technology enables accessibility and scale, but our core offering is personalization and behavior modification.

How movr fits into the preventive health space.

My experience at HLTH reaffirmed that there is a need for what movr offers. While companies like Noom and Headspace offer preventive solutions for weight loss and stress, movement health technology remains primarily focused on acute care physio or physical therapy. We’ve yet to see a proven preventive approach make an impact at scale, and that’s exactly what movr provides with our assessment, prescription and movement health insight technology.

We work with all populations to enable whatever movement oriented goals they have. For some, this equates to living a pain-free life. This also means helping younger people stay active and motivated to prevent common physical issues down the road. It means working with aging populations to help improve their strength, mobility and balance. And everything in between.

I’m confident that movr will be the experience for helping individuals and organizations alike to personalize their movement health journey, solving for commonly experienced (but preventable) issues such as:

  • Back, hip and shoulder pain

  • Loss of balance in aging populations

  • Workforce aches and pains from sitting all day

  • Workforce aches and pains from physical repetition or strain

I left HLTH more motivated than ever to help people move and feel better on a scale that demands our technology. We enter 2023 with a clearer vision than ever before of where we fit into the markets we serve and who we’ll partner with across health, tactical and fitness.

We’re excited to continue building movr into new platforms, offering a completely customized and proven assessment and recommendation experience that moves us toward a collectively healthier future for everybody.


movr is an assessment-based movement health technology company. Our goal is to help measurably improve musculoskeletal health with innovative technology solutions within an ever-changing health space.

Interested in learning more? Reach out here.


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