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Help People Keep Feeling Better After Treatment

movr extends the continuum of care for people post-treatment with ongoing personalized assessments and exercise prescriptions.



We need a better way to treat MSK dysfunction at scale


of employers state MSK costs are their largest health expense 


lost work days each year are attributable to back pain alone


of Americans experience MSK pain every single year

man using a foam roller
Extend patient care with safe, functional exercise post-treatment 

Our movement health technology easily integrates into existing digital and in-person physical therapy workflows. When treatment ends, movr can aid in the long-term success of clients recovering from injury, surgery and MSK dysfunction.


woman with a yoga mat
A personalized, healthy approach for everybody

Personalized movement protocols don’t need to stop after treatment from a physical therapist ends or benefits run out. movr offers movement assessments and functional exercise recommendations, accessible within any platform.


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woman exercising focused on lower back tension

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Help people move & feel better.

Add real value to your technology that improves the health of your business and the people you serve.

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Easy Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Continued care involves the provision of tailored exercises and ongoing support to patients who have recently completed treatment with a physical therapist. This personalized approach helps patients maintain their progress, build strength, and prevent potential relapses, ensuring a seamless transition towards independent and sustained recovery.

  • After receiving treatment and being successfully discharged by a physical therapist, movr offers an evidence-based approach to providing functional exercises that adapt to each individual's changing needs. movr also provides an effective way for therapists to monitor patient progress over time, reducing likelihood of relapse or future injury. 

  • movr provides safe, evidence-based exercise programming that is tailored to every individual. 

    1. With simple movement assessments, movr learns about how a person is currently moving.

    2. With that information, movr recommends exercise sessions as short as 5 minutes in duration.

    3. Every session is adapted specifically to help you build mobility, strength and endurance at a level that's right for each individual.

  • movr integrates with behaviour change platforms, wellness providers, health insurers and leading technologies to offer its suite of movement health solutions within existing digital products. Our technology is as easy to integrate with as it is for your audience to use.

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