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expert movement health guidance

Expert Movement Health Guidance At Every Step

movr is more than just a plugin. From implementation and marketing guides to co-selling opportunities, we're committed to building strong and lasting relationships that create tangible value for our partners.

MSK Expertise & Collaboration


MSK expertise

We match you with the right assessments for your target demographic or user-base and custom-create exercise experiences for any audience.

Tailored Marketing Guidance


marketing playbook

Our Marketing Playbook includes brand assets and recommendations for how to talk about movr and movement health across consumer and B2B populations.

We help you tailor your marketing efforts for your audience and target demographic.

Product Implementation


product implementation

Whether integrating with movr via our API or SDK, we share best practices based on our most up-to-date learnings. We'll walk you through the process every step of the way.

Ongoing Partner Opportunities


partner opportunities


We work with you to create new revenue and sales opportunities with our combined offering and movement health integration.

Case studies, research & validation:

We're committed to maintaining an evidence-based approach and work with our partners to prove out the integration and benefits of movement health.

JMIR Publications

Examining the Impact of a Mobile Health App on Functional Movement and Physical Fitness: Pilot Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial


Movement health solutions tailored for your business and the people you serve

MSK expertise

MSK Expertise & Collaboration

We work with your organization to custom tailor digital movement health solutions that fit your platform and connect with your audience's needs.

marketing guidance

Tailored Marketing Guidance

We provide resources and guidance on marketing best practices for how to talk about movement health with your target demographic.

product implementation

Product Implementation 

We walk you through the implementation process step-by-step and stay with you after launch to share learnings and evolve together.

partner opportunities

Ongoing Partner Opportunities

We collaborate with you to show the benefits of movement health in your platform over time and create experiences that enable new sales opportunities.

movr's impact on movement health

The movr app was our pilot project designed to examine the impact of our technology on the movement health of everyday people from around the world. 


Clinical Research

A research team of exercise scientists examined the influence of our technology on functional movement and physical fitness.

Engagement Data

A sample subset from over 100,000 movement assessments was analyzed to examine impact on overall engagement.

User Testimonials

"After remembering movr and doing the exercises it prescribed (like the t-spine rotation) my back was better in less than 24 hours."

Key Learnings

Takeaways on how movr solutions can improve outcomes for digital health platforms and the people they serve.

young man on phone

Help people move & feel better.

Add real value to your technology that improves the health of your business and the people you serve.

Dynamic Solutions
Easy Integration
movement health for everybody

Personalizing movement health for everybody and every body

movr is built to connect people with content that enables them to move and feel better, at any stage of life. Take a quick read to learn how we can help personalize movement health for different demographics in need.



״With their experience and expertise in movement health, movr gives us another offering to share with the thousands of organizations using our ActiveFit+ platform.״

Courtenay Higgins

President & Co-Founder, Advanta Health 

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