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Why Advanta Health wanted a movement solution on its platform

Advanta Health Solutions is a health technology company devoted to bringing agility and flexibility to the wellness incentive industry. The company provides an array of customized solutions for health plans and plan sponsors which motivate and reward members for both physical and mental fitness. 



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Learn more about why Advanta picked movr to integrate a movement health solution into its ActiveFit+ wellness platform, and how it is rolling movr out to the thousands of organizations and people it serves.

movr x Advanta

Advanta delivers fitness programs designed to improve the overall physical and mental wellness of your workforce and measurably lower chronic health conditions.

In addition to supporting 3,000+ organizations nationally, Advanta was recently pre-approved to build wellness programs for the 55,000+ organizations served by Sourcewell.

Who Advanta Serves


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ActiveFit+ is Advanta's bring-your-own-device behavior change solution used by employer groups to boost, track and reward physical and emotional well-being.


Advanta members logged billions of steps and millions of gym and home workouts last year alone.

How ActiveFit+ Works


Advanta's ActiveFit+ app

Launch Overview



Q1 2023







The Challenge

MSK conditions, costs and awareness are on the rise, but effective solutions to the growing problem have been hard to come by.


Annual cost per employee of productivity losses stemming from absenteeism for US employers.


Cost of healthcare for people with diabetes is 230% more expensive than for people without diabetes.


Percentage of older Millennials who already have a chronic health condition a as a direct result of physical inactivity.


Musculoskeletal disorders account for 29-35% of all occupational injuries.

Why did Advanta choose movr?

Preventive Health

“movr enables us to go from description to prescription, so that a person understands that with very small investments in themselves, frequently, over time, they have the ability to avoid the visit, avoid the pill, avoid the surgery, and this flows upstream.”


"We built Advanta off of three really distinct pillars: validation of participation, inclusivity and engagement.  We are not going after the triathlete. They are going to exercise anyway. We are going after a population, and actually a generation of people, that if they can just bring movement into their life, it will extend the quality, the duration and the outcomes of their lives."

Evidence-based Exercise

movr was found to increase functional movement, flexibility and muscular endurance with less than 30 minutes of usage a week.

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Personalized Programming

From single exercises to focused sessions, our exercise programming evolves with every individual at any stage of their movement journey.

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Intelligent Assessments

Our simple movement assessments make it easy to monitor progress over time and tailor exercise experiences to individual needs.

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"The exercises are demonstrated and explained well. Easy to follow.

Easy to pick exercise to fit needs and time."

Customer Feedback

Wondr Move

"Customized for how I feel and my level of ability. Love the videos showing what to do. Instructions are very clear."

Customer Feedback

Wondr Move

"I love how it shows how to do the exercises and the guidance around breath."

Customer Feedback

Wondr Move

"Just did [a sesson] and loved it — great to have this resource to get some quick exercise breaks at my desk (well, on the floor in front of it)!"

Customer Feedback

Wondr Move

"It improves your mental health and your mood. The questions about me before and after makes me reflect on how I feel."

Customer Feedback

Wondr Move

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Help people move & feel better.

Add real value to your technology that improves the health of your business and the people you serve.

Dynamic Solutions
Easy Integration
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