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Better Movement Health Starts Here

movr is an evidence-based SaaS solution for health and wellness platforms that adds value to your technology with intelligent exercise tailored to your audience.


Easy to integrate. Easy to use.

Help your users move better without doing the heavy lifting yourself. movr puts evidence-based exercise programming right into your platform with just a few lines of code.


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What our partners are saying

movr has built an incredible solution for movement health. They're the first I've seen to really figure out how to scale personal movement for the masses.

Anthony Vennare


movr is easy to access and understand. This is how we get the masses exposed to proper movement health, and ultimately moving and feeling better.

Dr. Tim Church

Chief Medical Officer

With their expertise in movement health, movr gives us another offering to share with the thousands of organizations using our ActiveFit+ platform.

Courtenay Higgins

President & Co-Founder


Add intelligent exercise right into your digital platform

Personalized assessments, mobility and recovery

Our solutions customize for every partner. This ensures movement assessments, mobility and movement protocols can improve outcomes for the unique needs of your audience.

woman exercising with phone


Measurable movement improvement

movr is a movement health solution for digital health and wellness providers. Add our technology right into your platform to give your users a personal, evidence-based way to move more and feel better.

movr exercise programming cycle
woman drinking water after exercising outdoors

Metabolic Health

Personalized exercise can reduce MSK pain and enable better movement. Help your user base develop sustainable movement habits that work for their body.

group of senior citizens exercising having fun

Active Aging

Offer low complexity, high value exercise experiences to measurably improve mobility and balance while reducing fall risk and day-to-day aches.

man receiving physical therapy treatment

Continued Care

Empower your clients to keep moving injury-free after surgery or rehabilitation programs, with personalized, evidence-based exercise programming.

woman stretching and smiling

Mental Health

Exercise and movement are vital to mental health. Our personal approach to movement gives people a simple way to move and feel better every day.


Personal movement health for everybody

Young man looking at phone after exercise

Help people move & feel better.

Add real value to your technology that improves the health of your business and the people you serve.

Dynamic Solutions
Easy Integration

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