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Why we built this: Introducing guided MSK care with movr Relief

movr Relief is our latest product offering to provide dynamic MSK care paths for end-users. Learn how it delivers real-time personalized MSK recommendations and drives value for digital health platforms.


MSK relief with movr

Same old headlines, brand new solution.

At movr, we think – and talk – about musculoskeletal (MSK) issues a lot.


Unfortunately,  the headlines around MSK dysfunction in recent years haven’t changed much – if anything, they’re getting worse. 

Over 50% of American adults suffer from MSK conditions. They affect our physical and mental health, cramp our lifestyle and wreck our productivity, causing 1 in 5 of us to miss work and 9 of 10 employers to report MSK costs as their top medical spend. 

To date, innovations in digital health have primarily focused on expanding access to 1 on 1 care (often through telehealth services) for individuals with chronic or acute MSK conditions. 

While these services remain vital, they run up against the same scalability challenges as in-person health care. As demand for MSK services continues to rise, healthcare professionals are increasingly overburdened and individuals are left in the lurch. 

There’s an immediate need for scalable upstream solutions that help people before their physical condition requires professional care. It’s time we used technology to bolster existing services with a stepped approach to health navigation, providing supplemental pathways for guided MSK care to make life easier for platforms and people alike.

This is why we built movr Relief.

MSK relief is on the way with movr

(MSK) Relief is on the way.

We built movr Relief to help consumers address physical aches and pains in real-time. It’s a preventive MSK tool built to engage diverse populations with highly-personalized recommendations and care pathways. Relief targets common problems that affect the largest percentages of the population suffering from preventable MSK pain.

Using focused questions and assessments, Relief provides personalized guidance in-the-moment by directing end-users according to their need. Pathways range from evidence-based corrective exercises to relevant content recommendations, or even booking with a care provider within the partner platform.

What movr Relief can do:

  • Adapt to provide dynamic MSK care pathways & encourage engagement through a positive feedback loop of continual self care

  • Recommend corrective exercises that can prevent MSK issues and improve movement function

  • Reduce demand on healthcare providers for preventable MSK issues, as a supplemental tool that can be used before or after seeing a professional

What movr Relief cannot do:

  • Replace telehealth or other 1 on 1 professional care models

  • Provide care for individuals with chronic or acute conditions – though we can help direct them to the right services!

MSK care pathways with movr Relief

movr Relief is a powerful integration tool that can work with existing digital health services to provide immediate value for everyone involved – easing the burden on health professionals, encouraging digital adoption and engagement, and helping people move and feel better faster.

We work directly with provider platforms to customize Relief care paths according to your unique goals, target demographics and existing services. If you or your organization are interested in learning more, we’d love to chat with you.

Reach out to set up a call with our partnerships lead here.

About movr

movr is a digital MSK & movement health solution, working with leaders in digital health by integrating smart assessments and personalized exercise solutions into existing health & wellness platforms.

movr's research-backed approach has been validated through over half a million movement assessments and personalized exercise recommendations.

To learn more, visit our website or contact us.

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