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Preventive MSK & Behavioural Science – How We're Building Solutions That Stick

Updated: Feb 1

At movr, we're committed to building products that help people move more and feel better. Learn the 3 ways we're ensuring our solutions help our clients and the people they serve.


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Creating MSK Solutions That Make an Impact

Designing engaging and meaningful digital experiences – it isn’t easy. A lot can happen between concept ideation, discovering pain points, building an MVP, launching with first adopters, validating the efficacy of your product, monetizing and pricing, to scaling up usage in market… and the road is never linear.

In health and fitness, generic digital exercise content is a cheap commodity. At the same time, thoughtfully curated exercise prescription that has the potential to make real positive movement health changes is limited in scale by the need for real health practitioners to work with every individual.

For health and wellness platforms, finding the sweet spot in the middle is a big chasm to cross. How do you create meaningful experiences with the accountability and personalization potential of in-person services and the inherent reach and scalability of digital content?

Our mission at movr is to help digital health providers find that sweet spot quickly and effectively. We’re on a mission to shake up the binary approach to MSK improvement that’s been holding us all back. We’re doing this in 3 ways:

1. Designing MSK-first solutions that scale

2. Creating simple, non-intimidating user experiences

3. Embedding behavioral science into product design

What do you think is the biggest hurdle for MSK solutions?

  • Scalability

  • User engagement

  • Offering the right content

  • Other

Designing MSK-first Solutions

At movr, we’ve been putting MSK at the forefront of our solutions since day one. In today’s world, we know that people need help moving more and feeling better in their bodies. We also know that until we help people take care of the basics – like overcoming daily aches and pains, improving range of motion and building functional strength – no flashy HIIT workout or heavy lifting program will safely or effectively make a lasting difference in peoples’ lives.

Our prevention-based MSK approach first demonstrated success in our original consumer product, the movr app. The app’s simple interface gave people a straightforward way to assess their movement and improve with short sessions tailored to their specific needs.

With initial support from the lululemon innovations lab and academic validation through peer reviewed research, we’ve since evolved and expanded that core MSK-focused technology to enable other digital health platforms to use it, too. We’re proud to be working with platforms across the spectrum, providing them access to personalized and evidence-based MSK solutions for their audiences.

From weight loss management to health club technology, team sports management to employer/insurer provided health incentivization platforms – it’s inspiring to see the impact simple, personalized MSK solutions can have for people from every walk of life. Individuals can be empowered to live healthier and higher quality lives by decreasing area-specific body tension and increasing strength, balance and mobility. Whether that means going for a run pain-free, progressing on a weight loss journey, playing with the kids without back tightness, or just standing up from the desk feeling loose and limber – these are the positive outcomes enabled by making MSK top priority, and the ones we care about most.

Simple, Non-Intimidating MSK User Experiences

No matter how effective a solution is technically, its benefits cannot be realized if people just don’t use it. Creating meaningful user experiences with movement technology for us means breaking down the traditional walls of fitness intimidation and offering guidance that is simple, honest and easy to follow. It shouldn’t feel like sick care, nor should it feel competitive or judgmental.

We prioritize easy-to-understand content that is relevant for everyone, regardless of their history or experience. We avoid language that might overwhelm or intimidate by being unnecessarily technical or aspirational. The way someone experiences their body is not only personal, it is also everchanging. For these reasons we offer objective assessments and exercise experiences that focus on helping people move and feel better in the moment, in a way that’s relevant and accessible for them.

Creating digital user journeys is complex. To make them welcoming and sustainable, it’s important for people to know there’s nothing wrong with their bodies, and for that message to be reinforced throughout their experience. There are small things we can all do to improve our physical experience. We want to make that easier and more accessible for everyone, guilt and stigma free.

While our approach focuses on MSK first and leans into simple, honest user experiences, integrating into partner products adds a degree of complexity. We take the same approach for every partner integration and have committed resources to ensure we stay on the right path moving forward.

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Embedding Behavioural Science into MSK Product Design

That’s where Dr. Heather Mckee comes in. With a PhD in Behaviour Change, Heather has a super power for harnessing behavioral science to help organizations create habit-forming products that engage customers and bring about long-term change.

We’re working with Heather to align our product decisions with behavior change science in order to encourage long-term engagement with movement health practices that have a positive impact.

Here's what Dr. Mckee had to say:

“If we want to create long-term change, then we need to design for it. We can’t just give people an app and then expect them to magically be able to change something they’ve struggled with (probably) all their lives!

We need to create a digital environment that supports not only an individual taking up a new behavior but importantly helps them make that behavior a habit. We do this through supporting a user's intrinsic motivation. Helping them reach their goals faster and stay there for longer. Solutions that help users feel seen, heard, and understood through supporting their basic human needs of autonomy, competence, and relatedness in each individual - are the ones that stick.

The movr team has an appreciation for the art, science and messiness of human behavior change. They understand that in order to design solutions that are going to help people stay active for the long run, they need to design for motivation.”

Our ongoing work with Heather means continually refining the user journeys within our products to offer partners the best that behavioral science and movement health have to offer.

With every partner, we aim to deliver meaningful exercise experiences that foster healthy engagement by giving their users the tools to create new healthy habits and experience real, positive impacts on their MSK function.

More from Dr. Mckee:

“Working with a team like movr who appreciate the nuances of human behavior and the importance of an evidence-based approach, you know the science is in safe hands. The movr team have meticulously mapped the entire user journey to ensure any behavioral gaps and opportunities are addressed. I’m proud to be working with them not only for the way in which they’ve applied behavioral science to their work (building their behavioral science expertise internally in the process) but also how they’ve used their own experience and insights from practice to mold the work.”

Most of all I’m proud to work with movr because they share the same values, they care about long-term change, building skills, and helping empower people to create the changes that matter most to them. This grounding is what gives me confidence that movr technology not only creates change in individual lives but has what it takes to make that change stick and will continue to make a life changing impact to the lives they touch."

Science-backed MSK Solutions That Scale

Focusing on MSK first. Creating simple, scalable solutions around non-intimidating user experiences that promote personal growth and long-term behaviour change. If you’ve read this far, you know that this is what we're committed to at movr – ensuring every experience is intentionally designed to harness the best of movement health and behavioural science.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with our team to request a demo.

About Dr. Heather McKee

Dr. Heather McKee helps value-driven organizations create digital products that stick. Known as Europe's leading lifestyle behavior change specialist, keynote speaker and founder of, Heather has worked with 100+ companies in 15+ industries globally to design digital health products and deliver keynote talks. Past clients include lululemon,, Starbucks, Rituals, Unilever, HSBC, and Sainsbury's.

Dr. McKee’s research has been published internationally in leading academic journals and has been featured in Time magazine, Vogue, Huffington Post, The Times, and LA Times.

About movr

movr is a digital movement health solution for health and wellness providers, working with leaders in digital health by integrating smart assessments and personalized exercise solutions into existing platforms.

movr's research-backed approach has been validated through 350,000+ movement assessments and personalized exercise recommendations. To learn more, visit our website or contact us.

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