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Why we built this: BenchApp integrates with movr for recreational sport training and recovery

Last week we announced our latest integration with BenchApp, the recreational sports management platform. Find out why it was a natural fit and how the integration changes the game for recreational athletes.


movr X BenchApp for recreational sport

The aches and pains of recreational sport

If you've spent any time enjoying recreational team sport, you have likely experienced two pain points at any given time:

  1. Trying to remember what day and time to show up to your game.

  2. Feeling achy and tight before, during or after your game.

Our integration with BenchApp is here to help

Last week we proudly announced the launch of our latest integration partner, BenchApp. The beauty of the collaboration is that while BenchApp eases the pains typically associated with team management and scheduling, movr takes care of the aches and pains (physical preparation and recovery) inevitably associated with team sport.

The roots of this partnership have been growing for years. When considering third party integrations, there needs to be a clear value for the end-user along with a business case for the two parties that makes sense. For Benchapp, it was the opportunity to add new value to their members who have come to expect best in class services for team sport management. For movr, delivering proven movement protocols to individuals who are engaged in active lifestyles was a natural fit.

From BenchApp's Founder and CEO, Jon Marus:

"Personalized recovery and sport prep is a massive opportunity to round out our platform – enabling members to trust BenchApp not just for their team management, but also the ability to help prepare players before and after games. Our partnership with movr allows us to deliver sport-specific and personalized programs with the goal of preventing injury, and honestly, with the ability to unwind the classic rec athletes tight back after game day. This partnership was a no-brainer."

The decision to integrate movr into BenchApp ultimately came down to two middle-aged founders who love sport and want to be able to show up injury and pain free to their next game (hockey and soccer respectively). Bringing BenchApp and movr together unlocks athletes ranging from youth to old timers, enabling them to move better on and off the field.

Better movement health for everybody

At movr, our mission is to bring better movement health to as many humans as possible. BenchApp's platform boasts over 800,000 athletes with over 150,000 active monthly users. Providing our personalized exercise protocols to help each individual improve how their body moves and feels aligns perfectly with our goals.

So if you're playing a team sport and experience either of the aforementioned headaches or backaches, head over to BenchApp to feel better, fast.

About movr

movr is a digital MSK & movement health solution, working with leaders in digital health by integrating smart assessments and personalized exercise solutions into existing health & wellness platforms.

movr's research-backed approach has been validated through over half a million movement assessments and personalized exercise recommendations.

To learn more, visit our website or contact us.

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